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Exterior and interior upgrades for your van

Whether it's upgrading the interior or exterior of your VW, we can bring your dream van to life.

Interior upgrades for VW Transporter T5 and T6 camper vans

Interior upgrades

Limitless opportunities

We can upgrade any part of the interior of your van, whether it’s lining the inside with carpet to keep the warm in and noise out, through to installing electrical systems to power your appliances.

We pride ourselves on the level of quality of the upgrades we perform. Our team are passionate about ensuring any upgrade we carry out brings you one step closer to your dream van.

Lining & flooring

Keep the cold and noise out of your van with our interior lining services.

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Beds & seats

Our seating and bed solutions make your van as comfortable as possible.

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Camper units

High quality bespoke furniture units made to your exact design and style.

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Electronics to make your camper your home away from home.

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Exterior upgrades for VW Transporter T5 and T6 camper vans

Exterior upgrades

Stylish and functional

We can undertake upgrades to the exterior of your van that not only improve the overall look of your van but add functionality too. As well as looking great our elevated pop top roof conversions give you additional comfortable sleeping space inside your van.

Each upgrade is made to order and bespoke for your van. To find out how we can add functionality and style to your van contact us today, or view our pages about the upgrades we can perform.

Pop top roofs

Increase the ammount of space in your vw with an elevating roof.

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Window fitting

Let the light into your campervan with high quality window fittings.

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Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your vw.

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Exterior styling

Enhance the look of your vw with various exterior styling options.

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