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Camper conversions

A home away from home

Our camper conversions transforms your VW T5 or T6 Transporter panel van into a full-blown camper. This conversion gives you a luxurious living space capable of providing you with everything to comfortably setup a fully contained living space for a holiday or just a weekend getaway.

At Ultimate Camper Sales, our experience team work with you to create a bespoke one-off design for your van. We spend time listening to your ideas and requirements and guide you through all the configuration choices available, enabling us to work together to design your perfect campervan.

VW Campervan Conversions

Designing your exterior

Pop top roofs

An elevated roof increases the amount of space available within your van, and a sleeper roof enables you to sleep additional people. Our VW pop top roofs are manufactured to an extremely high standard, using the best quality materials available for maximum longevity.

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Window fitting

Having windows fitted not only improves the overall look but the usability of your van, giving you better visibility whilst driving and a better view for any passengers you’re carrying. We offer both fixed and sliding windows with a range of glass available.

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Alloy wheels

We offer a wide range of new alloy wheels for installation on your van. We have many different spoke designs and colours to ensure your camper looks great and that we achieve your dream style. We also stock refurbished alloy wheels that may be available for purchase.

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Exterior Styling

From headlight upgrades, front grill replacements, customs exhausts, sports spoilers through to custom badges and decals, we can bring your vision to life. With so many styling accessories to customise your van you can be sure we’ll give it the unique styling you want.

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Designing your interior

Interior lining

Our interior lining services not only improve the look of your van, but also reduce the noise coming in, and the heat escaping out of the van. This instantly gives you and all your passengers a more comfortable, enjoyable and soundproofed experience.

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Beds and seats

We are proud to supply and install M1 tested beds and seats. With a range of options available including three quarter width, full width and even custom width beds available we can install something that will not only look great in your van, but fit perfectly too.

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Camper units

Our bespoke camper units are made using the latest components and processes with high quality materials and the unique Lamello locking connector system. Our furntiure is stylish, seemless and functional making the best use of all the available space in your van.

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Our electronics installations allow you to have power where ever you take your camper. We install all the electronics to allow you to run internal lighting, power 240V and 12V sockets through to having a cooker and fridge installed and powered.

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Before and after conversion

Drag the sliders to view the before and after photos of a camper conversion.
Exterior of campervan before conversion Exterior of campervan after conversion
Interior of campervan before conversion Interior of campervan after conversion

The conversion process

Base van

At Ultimate Camper Sales we can convert a van you already own or help you pick out a suitable base van to be converted. It is up to you to supply and purchase the van that will be converted, however we are more than happy to help you decide what vehicle specification will best suit your ideas and requirements. We generally recommend a short wheel base T5 or T6 panel van as the perfect blank canvas to being designing your conversion around.

Design consultation

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the interior and exterior of your van. We take time to sit down with you and work jointly to design a truly bespoke conversion tailored to your style and requirements. Our friendly team will guide you through the all the configuration choices available in detail to help us design the perfect van for you.

Van preperation

Every vehicle undergoing a conversion at Ultimate Camper Sales is prepared in line with our strict procedures prior to any work being undertaken. The van is cleaned internally and then protected using masking tape, protection masking paper and dust protection body cover plastic sheeting to prevent dirt and dust getting where it shouldn’t during the conversion process.

The build

Our expert team will begin converting your van inhouse using high quality parts and well tested procedures. We pride ourselves on the level of quality of the conversions we perform with each carried out against a rigorous set of checks. Our team are passionate about ensuring all modifications we carry out bring you one step closer to your dream van.

Van completion

On completion of the conversion a strict procedure of checks is carried out on the van to ensure everything has been completed to our high standards. Finally, once the van has passed all the checks a full detail clean is performed on the exterior and interior of your van. Your dream van is then ready to be handed over to you, ready to hit the road and make memories.

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